JU Elite Camp is coming up! Here's What to BRING:

Your LACROSSE GEAR! Stick, Goggles, and Mouthguard...and NO jewelry!

1) Toiletries and hygiene items (soap, hair products etc)

2) Cleats and Tennis shoes (that you can play lacrosse in) in addition to chill footwear

3) Athletic clothes and changes of clothes to practice in as well as casual wear

4) Bedding and Pillows - the campus beds are TWIN size. Fitted sheet, sheet/cover, blanket are recommended. The AC can get cool in the dorms.

5) Towel for the shower. Towel for the beach.

6) Beach gear (swimsuit, pullover, swim shirt)

7) Sunscreen. Lots of Sunscreen!

8) Your own, MARKED water bottle/canteen for the fields

9) Money for the camp store at night (food, pizza and snacks) and Camp apparel like hoodies, camp tee shirts, tanks, shorts, hats and other awesome gear! Money for the shoppes at the beach.

10) A Physical signed by a doctor and dated within the last 12 months prior to camp. The physical will be turned in to our head trainer for camp at check in.

Please COMPLETE the online health form!

If you need airport transportation to or from campus, please complete our survey!



The coaches are completing the specific Day to Day schedule - it will be posted here